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What A Week

When I started working on Lottotopia, I never realized how much work would go into it before it was finished and ready to go to market.  I had so much to learn about the iPhone SDK and XCode development environment on the Mac.  Then I had to translate my ideas into something that hopefully not only fulfilled a need, but also looked beautiful and worked better than the other Lottery Apps that were already available.

While any “parent” thinks their new baby is always the most beautiful, I really do think I’ve got the best Lottery App for iPhone that I’ve seen so far.  Now the challenge that I didn’t sufficiently anticipate is how tough it would be to get noticed in the sea of Lottery Apps available for iPhone!  I’m a technologist, but no one has ever accused me of being a marketeer!

So now I’ve got to learn yet another skill to connect the people who want to use the Best Lottery App available for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad with the APP!

The good news is that if you search iTunes for “best lottery app”, it is apparently wise enough to only show my App in the results!

Now if I could only figure out how to get everyone who is looking for the best lottery app to key that into iTunes, I might start to get noticed!

All things in due time I guess (and with much hard work!).

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