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Trying to find a good brand name these days is a challenge.  So many of the good domain names have been taken and aren’t being used for much of anything.  In choosing AppAde, I was trying to find something “short and sweet”, that was easy to type into a browser, and conveyed the essence of what I was trying to accomplish.

Refreshing Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

Coming from a company with the rather wordy domain name of, I think I at least succeeded on the “short & sweet” part of my goal.  But when a long time friend of mine left me a voice mail message and mispronounced my new brand name, I realized I’ve got some more work to do to help convey the essence of AppAde.

AppAde is essentially a play on two other well known brand names, both which are sports drinks: Gatorade and Powerade.  The App stands for Apps, the Ade stands for, um, well, I guess assistance.  But I wasn’t really trying to convey “App Assistance”; instead I was playing for the “Refreshing” aspect of these two sports drinks, hence my company’s tagline:

Refreshing Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad.

And I guess it’s a lot to expect people to figure that kind of subtle play on words and pre-existing brand names alone… so I need to start working on a new company logo that fits my brand.

Thankfully I’ve got my oldest son to help me out with some graphic designs.  The logo on this page is his first attempt at a brand image.  Now we need to see if we can take this concept and work it into something smaller that can be used in my website banner.  I think he did a nice job capturing the essence I was going after with the AppAde brand, he just used a few more pixels than a website banner will allow!  Maybe a simple casing change will help.  So I’m going to try AppAde for a while.

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